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Public Relations

Public Relations

Helping people get to know you, one message at a time.

Building a positive reputation and having grace under pressure are two key factors in public relations. We create smart PR strategies by helping you answer a few simple questions: Who is you target audience? What message do you want delivered? How do you want your message delivered?

Odney has a proven track record of creating and managing successful public relations campaigns on topics ranging from public health and safety or boosting a product's visibility, to managing communications through a crisis. Our public relations services include all aspects of digital and social media, strategic planning, media relations, interview coaching, development of talking points, news conference and other event planning, news release and newsletter writing, development of media kits, facilitating grassroots campaigns, and crisis communication planning and implementation.

A smart public relations strategy with a strong social media presence is the best way to make sure your story is being told and being told to the right audience. That's just smart - Odney Smart.

For more information please contact Don Larson.

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