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Odney was founded in 1985 on the premise that good advertising creates awareness, but effective advertising influences, moves, motivates, blows up perceptions, connects people to your brand and persuades them to choose you. And as we've grown and diversified our portfolio of communications services, we've learned how to apply that fundamental purpose to all we do.

Our 30-year success comes from being smart. We do our homework. We use research to understand markets, develop effective messages and plan smart strategies. Reach and teach; rinse and repeat. It's how we help you achieve your goals and motivate people to action - choose your product, service or idea.

Smart People Work Harder
Don Larson
Gwen Butler
Mike Bruner
Shane Goettle
Kyle Niess
Our team of more than 30 specialists are among the region's most notable and experienced in the industry with diverse communication disciplines. Smart folks to help achieve your goals and get the results you deserve.
Cindy DuPaul-Vogelsang
Rachel Fischer
Michael Pierce
Erin Schwengler
Alison Ritter
Our Clients

We serve our clients proudly with more than 30 years of experience in advertising, a dynamic team of communications professionals and an expanding variety of services. Our client list covers many industries; a testament to our ability to meet you where you are to research, adapt and drive results.

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Bismarck Office:

117 West Front Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58504